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10.11.2016 CarbonReuse Finland Oy to join project Fermatra. The main problem to be solved is: How to dissolve more gas to liquid? This project is driven by D.Sc (tech) Juha Pitkänen from VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland).

11.10.2016 CarbonReuse Finland Oy to join project: “Bio based Carbon Dioxide value chains and business potential in recycling systems”. Project is driven by VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) and the project manager is Jouni Hämäläinen.

30.9.2016 The Finnish Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment made a decision to grant CarbonReuse Finland Oy to build a demonstration plant to capture carbon dioxide from industrial flue gas. With this economic aid it is possible to demonstrate the function of CO2 capture process in real life. It is also our intention to make some test at the customer’s sites with this capture process build in a 20 feet container. This process will be very automatic with many IoT-features. It is scheduled to be ready in the beginning of year 2017 and until the end of the year lot of running data is available.

31.8.2016 CarbonReuse to participate the Fibertech days.

28.4.2016 Kick off meeting for LoCap project. CarbonReuse Finland to study synthetic Methanol production from Carbon Dioxide in cooperation with Fiber Laboratory in Savonlinna Finland..

28.2.2016 CarbonReuse Finland Oy signed an exclusive license agreement of using MAMK’s patent to capture carbon dioxide from flue gas for reuse applications. Pure water based Carbon Capture is generally considered to have low efficiency but due to a feedback loop and post desorber the partial pressure of Carbon Dioxide is increased significantly, meaning benefits in the Henry’s law. This makes the process economical both in Capex and Opex. Environmentally it is superb by using no chemicals at all. VTT, a well-known Technical Research Centre of Finland, has made a pre-evaluation of this novel water process and they considered the invention promising (see news on 9.10.2014).

8.9.2015 Tekes granted a project to develop effective desorption stage to the carbon capture process of CarbonReuse Finland Oy.

28.2.2015 CarbonReuse Finland Oy had a presentation in LCP Life Cycle Profit conference in Punkaharju. MSc Ville Laitinen from the company had a presentation of Sustainable development from Bio-processes by using Carbon Dioxide.

9.10.2014 Conclusions of novel water washing method, CCSP-project (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)

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